Sunday, December 21, 2014

  • An Environmental Knight visits UMD
  • Reclaim the Bay Challenge
  • The Mountaintop Witness
  • Professor Nathan Hultman on CSPAN February 2, 2014
  • 2014 Council on the Environment Junior Faculty Winner
  • UMD Scientist Speaks on Air Quality
  • SESYNC Postdoc Opportunities
  • Busalacchi discusses severe weather and global warming on News Channel 8

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Chair's Welcome

Antonio Busalacchi
Antonio Busalacchi
Council Chair

It is with real pleasure that I welcome you to the Council of the Environment of the University of Maryland. Our University has tremendous breadth and depth in environmental and earth system science and, as a land grant university, is committed to bringing those resources to support the work of local communities and government, and to promote economic development in the State. Our strengths spread across a wide spectrum of academic fields such as anthropology, agriculture, architecture, climate and earth science, ecology, economics, energy, engineering for sustainable infrastructure, public health, public policy, sociology, and transportation. The Council will work to integrate this diversity of effort and to develop new opportunities. The public and private sectors in the State are also deeply engaged in environmental issues, to which they too bring great strengths. The Council will build new partnerships to connect these efforts with the University. As Chair, I am excited at the...


Featured Council Members

Donald Milton

Dr. Milton leads multidisciplinary investigations of the health effects of bioaerosols with three major themes: 1) the relationship of asthma onset and exacerbation to exposure to allergens and microbial products, 2) investigation and prevention of airborne infection transmission, and 3) exhaled breath analysis. His asthma research includes studies of occupational asthma and the impact of ambient bioaerosols on asthma exacerbation, especially the impact of low level, early life endotoxin exposure on the risk of childhood allergy and asthma. His research on mechanisms and prevention of airborne infection transmission includes productivity effects of rhinovirus colds in office workers and asthmatic children, mathematical models, and laboratory and epidemiological studies of control methods for influenza and agents of biological warfare and terrorism.

Latest Information

University of Maryland’s Environmental Finance Center to Create Region’s First Online Stormwater Training Center December 10, 2014 The University of Maryland’s Environmental Finance Center (EFC) begins work this month on the region’s first Municipal Online Stormwater Training (MOST) Center, a web-based resource to help…
Gov. Martin O'Malley Orders Plan to Achieve 80 percent Greenhouse Gas Reduction by 2050 November 21, 2014   Gov. Martin O’Malley issued an executive order Wednesday to further the state’s efforts addressing climate change and set a plan to achieve an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas…
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Caret to Return to Maryland as USM Chancellor December 17, 2014 After a successful tenure as president of the five-campus University of Massachusetts system, Robert L. Caret will return to Maryland as chancellor of the University System of Maryland.
UMD Maintains Spot on Kiplinger's Top 10 Best Values in Public Colleges December 17, 2014 For the seventh consecutive year, the University of Maryland has ranked in the top 10 in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance’s annual ranking of the 100 Best Values in Public Colleges. UMD took…
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Alaska fish adjust to climate change by following the food December 20, 2014 Not all species may suffer from climate change. A new analysis shows that Dolly Varden, a species of char common in southeast Alaska, adjust their migrations so they can keep feasting on a key…
Trade winds ventilate the tropical oceans: Explanation for increasing oxygen deficiency December 20, 2014 Long-term observations indicate that the oxygen minimum zones in the tropical oceans have expanded in recent decades. The reason is still unknown. Now scientists have found an explanation with…